Logistic note

Date and venue

The Workshop will hold from 28 February to 3 March 2019 in Cameroon at the following venues:

-          The Yaoundé Conference Centre 28th February  -  1st March 2019 

-          IAO Obala: 2nd to 3rd March 2019 

For any other information, contact the logistics officers through the following telephone numbers: +237 696 46 15 77 / +237 679 50 38 81/ 698 003 091 or

Write to the following Email address: summitcameroon@procasur.org


Formalities for entry into Cameroon

Participants are required to obtain an entry visa from the diplomatic representations of Cameroon in their country of residence. Upon request, the organizing committee may send to them invitation letters and verbal notes.

Entry visa

Participants who do not have a Cameroonian diplomatic representation in their countries of residence must apply for a Visa at entry. For this purpose, they must forward to the logistics committee at least 10 days before their date of arrival, a copy of their passport and their flight plan. The visa fee upon arrival is 50,000 FCFA.

Health information

Participants are advised to ensure that they have a valid yellow fever vaccination certificate, a MANDATORY document for entry into Cameroon.

Reception at the airport and departure

The logistics committee will welcome participants at the airport in keeping with the flight plans forwarded by the participants. Similarly, transportation from the hotel to the airport will be provided.

Accommodation of participants

Participants are kindly requested to book their room in one of the hotels near the workshop venue. All participants shall pay their hotel bills.


List of hotels near the Yaoundé Conference Centre:

- Mont FEBE Hotel (4 stars):  80,000 FCFA per night

- JC Prestige Hotel (3 stars): 41,000 FCFA per night

- Congress Hotel (3 stars): 35,000 to 40,000 FCFA

- Florencia Hotel (2 stars): 25,000 CFA to 40,000 FCFA

- AZUR Hotel (3 stars): 40,000 FCFA


Lunch and coffee break

Two coffee breaks and one lunch will be served during the summit.


The registration of participants will begin on Thursday, 28th February 2019. You will receive a badge and documentation of the Workshop.


The Workshop Secretariat will assist you to find solutions to your requests, including photocopies and printing.

The logistics committee will be at your disposal at the Secretariat to help you confirm your return flights.


Visa cards and possibly Mastercards are generally accepted by the hotels.

 The average exchange rate is $ 1 = 575 FCFA (February 2019)


Telephone SIM cards

Telephone SIM cards are available from Orange and MTN Cameroon offices on presentation of a photocopy of an identity card or passport.


Upon registration, you will receive a badge which you must keep on you at all times. This badge will give you access to the meeting rooms. You must present this badge to access the meals. For your personal safety, do observe the following rules of conduct:

- Keep a watchful eye on your laptop, mobile phone and other personal belongings

- Follow the instructions of the security personnel at all times.

Yaoundé is a peaceful city. However, you are hereby advised to take all the necessary measures not to keep valuable objects on you when going out of the hotel. We strongly advise you to hand over to the hotel for keeping your jewellery, valuable objects and significant sums of money.

For your travels, there are taxi services near the hotel (Agree on the price with the driver before the trip).

For any assistance, contact the logistics commission mentioned above

Medical services

The services of the Cameroon Red Cross will be available throughout the event


During the summit, some rain showers are expected (A total of 4 days with weather phenomena). Temperatures are expected to vary between the following values:

Day time: 31 °C

Night time: 21°C

However, it should be noted that, in the past, the following extreme values ​​were recorded:

Maximum temperature recorded: 35 °C

Minimum temperature recorded: 14 °C


Electric power: 220 volts.

Presentation of Cameroon

Cameroon is a country in central and west Africa, bordered by Nigeria on the west, Chad in the north, Central African Republic to the east, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea and the Republic of Congo in the south and the Gulf of Guinea to the south-west.

The population is very welcoming and more than two thirds of Cameroonians speak French (the others, in the North-West and South-West regions, near Nigeria, speak English). 

The climate is tropical and desert-like. It is hot and humid in the coastal areas and in the south, especially during the long rainy season. In the northern arid areas, the climate is very hot and dry. In the southern part of the country, the dry season extends from November to February, with a small rainy season from March to June and a major rainy season from August to the end of September. The average temperature is about 26 °C. In the northern part of the country, the rainy season lasts from May to the end of September. Here, the average temperature is about 30 °C.

Yaoundé, nicknamed "the city of seven hills", is the political capital of Cameroon. It has a population of 2,440,462 inhabitants (in 2011). Yaoundé, after Douala, is the second largest city of this central African state.

Yaoundé is also the headquarters of the Centre Region and the Mfoundi Division. Yaoundé hosts most of Cameroon's most important institutions. Another nickname of Yaoundé is Ongola, which means "fence" in Ewondo, and refers to the wall of the former German post.

The city of Yaoundé, located in the south of the Centre Region, is built on a network of hills dominated by the Mbam Minkom (1,295 m) and Nkolodom (1,221 m) mountains in the north-west of Yaoundé, or Mount Eloumden (1,159 m) to the south-west. The different neighbourhoods are structured according to the rugged terrain of this city.


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