The four-day meeting will bring together development champions from all over the world with a focus on viable opportunities and innovative solutions which position rural youth at the heart of the Sustainable Development Agenda. Deliberations during the summit are aimed at garnering the support and commitment of policy makers in the public sector to formulate strategies at the national level to address current and future obstacles to rural youth empowerment. Private sector engagement, a crucial element in the pursuit of sustainable solutions and economic integration will be highlighted; and strategic partnerships will be brokered for the interactive exploration of ideas and experiences.

The   discussions are aimed at  strengthening the commitment of policy makers to advance locally developed viable solutions that address rural poverty and autonomously face the current and future obstacles that hinder the rural youth sustainable solution and economic integration. Agro-pastoral entrepreneurs, will connect and interactively share ideas and experiences to build up solutions and strategic partnerships in the agribusinesses opportunities.

The Summit will be structured along  two main events:

i)    a global dialogue during the first two days  that will feature high level interactive panel and group discussions among policy makers, youth leaders, business leaders and civil society organisations.  Discussions will focus on thematic areas  such as:  the public policies to promote youth entrepreneurship and create decent jobs,   youth participation in decision-making processes, approaches to youth incubation and socio economic insertion, education and training, access to technologies and innovation, financial services, land and  markets, and gender.

ii)    a field session during the last two days with selected youth  for practical peer-to-peer learning and collaborative capacity building.

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The Global event will take place in Yaoundé, Cameroon, at the Congress Palace ( Palais des Congres) on 28 February and 1 March 2019. The peer to peer learning with selected youth will take place on 2  and 3 March 2019, at the Obala Agri-incubation Center, an hour's drive from Yaoundé